New logo for IconsPedia

Fri, Dec 12, 2008


If you didn’t noticed already, starting from today we have a new logo for IconsPedia.

Also, you can download our new icon, in png, ico and icns format.

We would love to hear your thoughts regarding our new identity.

IconsPedia logo

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  • http://na Joe

    Wow, that logo is so sexy. I don’t think I’ve ever said that about a logo before… but it’s true! You guys rock!

  • Martin Leblanc

    Nice logo. You should use the “IP” version on the site – it works good as a simple logo. The tilted P in the name you’re using now is hard to read.

  • Jorge Linares

    Nice logo design, fresh idea, very web 2.0, bright colors, love all of it.

  • Mike Langieri

    Nice. I’d like to see the gory details of how you built the IP and the logo… and I think many others would as well. Very slick.

  • James Mowery

    I agree with Mike. I’d love to know the “behind the scenes” portion of what went into making the IconsPedia logo. Quite a work of art.


    Awesome :)

  • Dag

    Appreciate the info guys, thanks

  • Louis

    this is cool, also, this website needs more tutorials

  • Lord

    Can you share the font.. or psd of it :) is amazing

  • kagura

    cool, very beauty! number one

  • Cizal

    Very nice! :)
    I was hoping you would update the site aswell..

    Kind regards, Cizal

  • Naeem

    any one pleas tel me wht softwares are needed to make logo and icones ?? pleas guide me i am new here

  • منتديات ماى بكتشرز

    cool, very beauty!!!

  • Fred

    Great site! congrats.

  • Kdef initions

    Oewie thats Hot… my hands are ouch ouch….

    very nice logo so Fresh . . .

  • M

    The most amazing site for icons and logos. h had never seen such a perfect site. Continue adding logos dude. Good job.

  • Compzets |Gadgets for Computer

    this is the best ever logo i have seen on web!!