Icon Tutorials – Part 2

Sat, Apr 25, 2009

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We saw you enjoyed our previous post with icon tutorials so we decided to publish part 2. We have searched the net and selected another 10 icon design tutorials that will defiantly improve your icon design skills.

Battery icon tutorial

Transparent Battery Icon Tutorial

Learn how to design a detailed transparent battery, similar to the one used for the iPhone.

Shoe Icon Tutorial

Shoe Icon Photoshop Tutorial

Create a men shoe icon in Adobe Photoshop.

alarm clock icon tutorial

Alarm Clock Icon Illustrator Tutorial

Design a alarm clock icon in Adobe Illustrator, with simple shapes and gradients.

Pencil Icon Tutorial

Pencils Icons Tutorial

This tutorial takes you through some simple steps to create a nice pencil icon.

Camera lens icon turorial

Camera Lens Icon Tutorial

Great tutorial that will help you create an aperture style camera lens icon.

"Share this" icon

Bookmark Icon Tutorial

Step by step turorial that will show you how to design a simple stylish “share this icon”.

3D Shopping Cart icon tutorial

3D Shopping Basket Icon Tutorial

You’ll need a firm understanding of Adobe Illustrators tools to complete this tutorial.

portable speaker icon

Portable Speaker Icon Photoshop Tutorial

Creat a great looking USB portable speaker icon.

mobile phone icon

HTC Mobile Phone Icon Tutorial

Very complex and complete tutorial that will help you create a HTC Touch Diamond mobile phone.

calendar icon tutorial

Calendar Icon Tutorial

This tutorial will teach you how to create a calendar icon.

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