10 Free Icon Packs for Your Desktop

Tue, Nov 4, 2008


Are you bored of your old OS icons? We know we are, so we have searched the web and now present to you 10 great icon packs ready be used on your desktop ! All icons are free for personal use, but if you are planning to use them on commercial projects be sure to carefully read the license agreement for each icon pack.

Summer Collection Icons
73 icons by Vincent Garnier

summer collection icons download

Affel Icons
72 icons by Bobbyperux

Affel icon pack

Pry Icons
47 icons by Jonas Rask Design, available in 2 colors, Aluminium and Black.

Pry free icons

iVista 2 Icons
100 icons by Gakuseisean

iVista icons download

NX10 Icons
109 icons by MazeNL77

NX10 icon pack download

Misto Icons
105 icons by Bobbyperux

Misto icons

Oddiy Icons
68 icons by Sherdor

Oddiy icon pack download

Hydro Pro Icons
68 icons by Ben Fleming

Hydro Pro icons

NOD2 Icons
68 icons by RimshotDesign

Nod2 icon pack

Radium Neue
93 icons by Gakuseisean

Radium Neue dock icons

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  1. c1v0k! Says:

    Awesome sets. I love this website!

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    Muyy Buena pagina amigo ,,,

    desde Argentina

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  3. Steven Griffin Says:

    I love this website! The new blog looks good, keep up the hard work

  4. Vincent Garnier Says:

    Thanks for featuring Summer Collection in the list 🙂

  5. Razor Says:

    This website is fantastic please please please keep up the hard work everyone greatly appreicates it and stay free to. This place is awesome. Thanx

  6. abdallh Says:

    hi i am new user for the icons can any body tell me how to use it

  7. soul_krasty Says:

    i love this site..hope you can bring more tutorial on creating icon.

  8. Valerie Shipbaugh Says:

    I like the summer collection, the icons are clean and well designed.

  9. cath Says:

    I downloaded an icon pack, but what do I do next please anyone?

  10. learn to surf Says:

    love it.

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  14. Vista user Says:

    Hi guys,

    I really loved these icons but I don’t have any idea how to use them. I tried on the web but couldn’t find an answer.

    I will be great if you could kindly tell me how to use them.

    My email is
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  15. منتديات ماى بكتشرز Says:

    what’s new ?

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