2379 Free Web Design Icons

Fri, May 22, 2009


We know there are a lot of free icons available for web developers out there, but we also know it’s pretty hard to find the best ones in one place. So we have have gathered in this post 2379 free icons, from 21 icon packs. Please check the license specified by each author of an icon pack before using them.

Web development icons
Web development icon set – 60 icons Author: Icojoy
Milky Icons
Milky icon set – 131 icons Author: Iconden
Bright! Icon Set
Bright! icon set – 148 icons Author: Iconden
Coquette icon pack
Coquette icons – 50 icons Author: Dryicons
Coquette icon pack
Coquette icons part 2 – 50 icons Author: Dryicons
Toolbar Icons
Toolbar Icons Starter Kit – 45 icons Author: Kombine
Glossy eCommerce icons
Glossy eCommerce icon set – 32 icons Author: Starfishwebconsulting
Flavours Icon Pack
Flavours icon set – 177 icons Author: SmashingMagazine
Developpers icon pack
Developpers icons – 105 icons Author: Olivier Charavel
ON Stage Icon Pack
icON Stage icon set – 49 icons Author: SmashingMagazine
Tango Icon pack
Tango Icon Library – 208 icons Author: Tango
Function Icon Set
Function icon set – 128 icons Author: WeFunction
Free Web DesignIcon Set
Web Design icon set – 310 icons Author: SEM Labs
Web Injection icons
Web Injection icon set – 26 icons Author: Midtone Design Studio
Splashy icon pack
Splashy Icons – 464 icons Author: Splashyfish
Weby Icons Pack
Weby Icons – 100 icons Author: IconsPedia
Web Application icons
Web Application icon set – 20 icons Author: Webappers
Siena icon set
Siena Icons – 200 icons Author: WebDesignerDepot
MinIcons icon set
MinIcons – 30 icons Author: Asher Abbasi
Free Glossy Blogging icons
Glossy Blogging icon set – 12 icons Author: BlogPerfume
Web Developer Icons Set
Web Developer icons set – 34 icons Author: SmashingMagazine

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